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It is amazing what you find when you do a search for yourself online.  I am, as always, trying to do research in order to optimize my business and work closer towards my goals of "Work smarter, not harder" in regards to online selling. (Thanks Amy Sherald!) I am in a research and development phase of trying to see what works, what doesn't, and what my customers want and need from me as a seller.  I did a poll on Instagram this past week, and as it turns out, people from both sides of the Etsy and Independent Website isle turned up to vote and say that they like what they like.  If people know who I am and know how to find me on Etsy, I don't want to alienate those loyal customers.  I still want to be able to grow into my own website too though, but realize that like anything worth doing, it will take some time.  I do hope that folks that find me on Etsy and decide to shop with me on a regular basis will migrate over to the Website because like I have said before, the cost of doing business on Etsy is higher for me as a seller.  Anyway, this is not EVEN why I jumped on this morning.  In doing some research and looking for my shops online, I found this really precious blog post that was done by the Artisans of America all about Lavender, and guess who was featured at the top?!  You guessed it!  This girl right here.  Please click the picture below or this link HERE to read the post and take a look around their website.  Their mission statement is definitely one I can get behind and I love it when artists support other artists and share their work!  Thank you Artisans of America for the feature! 

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