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Hello and greetings from Columbus, Georgia.  I have some exciting changes coming up and I wanted to start sharing the news here and on Instagram and Facebook to try and give all of my loyal customers a chance to offer feedback and get used to the idea before it takes effect!  As you may have noticed, this blog platform is different than the Wordpress version I had before.  Several years ago, I started a Wordpress blog to share the work from all of the shops we have as a 
family online in one place; my quilts and baby stuff from Goodwin's Custom Crafts, my sister's The Tree House Kid, my Mom's Folks Linen, and my husband's Joshua Treeworks.  The idea was that the blog would be a place to share and showcase work from the different shops, to offer coupon codes and discounts, and to keep a gallery of past works.  WELL, recently the hosting expired for the domain name GoodwinsCustomCrafts.com and I have decided not to renew it, which also means that the blog once hosted on Wordpress is gone.  But that's ok!  Between Instagram and Facebook, both of which are free platforms, I might add, there are plenty of pictures and stories that serve as both a gallery of past work and a blog of sorts.  Plus, with this Shopify website I now have, there is a nice blog feature that I will be using instead.  I will share this on Instagram and Facebook and try to keep a short and simple weekly newsletter posted on the blog, but let's be honest, it may be less frequently than that.  If anyone had subscribed to the Wordpress blog that you know of, please point them in this direction!  Links to Kari Goodwin Quilts on Instagram and Facebook can be found here!  


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