Organic Lavender Sachets, Aromatherapy for Travel

Organic Lavender Sachets, Aromatherapy for Travel

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Wonderful gifts for your Bridesmaids, Hosts, Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Best Friends, Babies...You get the idea! A beautiful, one of a kind gift will make a lovely statement, and can be used in a variety of ways to add a bit of peaceful aromatherapy to any space. Some suggestions are: in your travel suitcase or gym bag to give a much needed refresh, inside your travel pillow to promote more peaceful rest, in your car for a natural air freshener, or the classic refresh for the underwear drawer or closet. Lavender is also a natural bug repellant, so is a natural way to help keep out moths from items in storage.

**Made from hand-dyed organic cotton in a unique pattern, and quilted in fun patterns.
**Each sachet measures approximately 5 inches and holds a few ounces of fresh lavender, aka Lavandula Officinalis.

**Upcycled denim blue jeans on the back.

**These are stored and shipped in a plastic sleeve to help preserve the natural lavender scent. These can be recycled or reused as little gift card sleeves, tiny art protectors, or a clear baggie for little collections or regifting. Please reuse and recycle.

Made in my smoke-free, in-home studio.
© 2018 Kari Goodwin Quilts, Goodwin's Custom Crafts

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